Floribama Shore cast ages and guide: Where are they now? (2024)

Recently, Netflix added the sophom*ore season of Floribama Shore to its platform and, while fans are enjoying every second of it, they are also curious to know just how much things have changed between then and now.

The cast of the hit reality TV series was younger when they filmed the second season in 2018, meaning they were more privy to making rash decisions and having emotional meltdowns. (Looking at you, Gus!) But, since then, did any of these cast members grow out of their young adulthood? Or are they still the same twenty-somethings that we've always known?

Without further ado, here's what the cast members of Floribama Shore are up to now!

It's been a little over three years since the last episode of Floribama Shore, so believe us when we say there's a stark difference in the lives of your favorite cast members between season 2 and now.

First up is none other than Jeremiah Buoni!

Jeremiah Buoni

Age: 28
Occupation: N/A
Instagram: @jeremiahbuoni

Ever since he first appeared on our screens, Jeremiah Buoni has always been the dad of the group. Always watching over his cast mates when they've partied a little too hard and being the mediator whenever the arguments would go too far. This is why it doesn't come as a surprise to us that Jeremiah is still an old soul in a young body.

As per his most recent Instagram posts, Jeremiah seems to enjoy throwing down on the BBQ grill, hanging out with his family, and heading to golf courses to get that perfect hole in one.

It's been almost two years since Jeremiah updated his Instagram, so it's hard to say exactly what he's up to today. However, we hope that some of his days include reading the new heartfelt messages his fans left for him under his post after seeing what went down in season 2.

Hopefully, we'll hear from Jeremiah Buoni soon!

Codi Butts

Age: 32
Occupation: Social Media Personality + Influencer
Instagram: @code_eye10
TikTok: @code_eye

Twitter (X): @codibutts

On the flip side, Codi Butts, our puke and rally king, is still living life to the fullest. He's always been the guy to make light of any dark situation. Be it passing stinky gas until he's blue in the face or mooning his cast mates, it was hard not to smile around him. Looks like things haven't changed one bit!

These days, Codi surrounds himself with nothing but good vibes and good company. No matter where he goes, you'll always see a contagious smile on his face, as he seems to be someone who genuinely knows how to have a good time and make others feel the same way.

Check out one of his most recent Instagram posts (featuring his adorable baby nephew) here!

To this day, it's very hard for a Floribama Shore not to say quote "puke and rally" every five seconds, so it's good to see that the baton is already being passed on to the next generation.

Aside from being an uncle, it seems that Codi is still on good terms with some of his former cast mates, which is always a delight to hear. (See Codi hang out with Aimee Hall and Kirk Medas here.)

Kortni Gilson

Age: 28
Occupation: Mental Health Advocate + Social Media Influencer
Instagram: @_k0nigi

Between her drunken outbursts and random arguments with her fellow housemates, Kortni Gilson was a firecracker from the start. However, when she didn't have a hairpin trigger, Kortni was just like us, especially regarding her relationships.

Although most of her on-screen relationships didn't work out, we couldn't help but root for her and Jeremiah to work out. Her crush on him was adorable and they seemed like the perfect reason why opposites attract. Unfortunately, Kortni remained in the friend zone.

With her rocky past behind her, Kortni now dedicates her life to promoting mental and physical wellness. She's completely sober from alcohol and drugs, serving as an inspiration for those like her.

Ever since Kortni's early departure from the show, she's seemingly kept her distance from her former cast mates. But, since she follows a few of them on Instagram, we know that she still cherishes them greatly.

Aimee Hall

Age: 31
Occupation: Public Figure
Instagram: @aimeeelizabethhall
TikTok: @aimeehall

Twitter (X): @aimeehall1001

In many ways, Aimee Hall has been like the little sister of the group. All of her Floribama Shore peers always looked after her and were always by her side whenever she would have her heart broken by a stupid boy here and there.

Even so, Aimee wanted to learn how to stand on her own two feet when it came to regulating her emotions. So much so that she voluntarily took anger management classes, which not only helped her with her emotional reactions but also gave her a huge confidence boost.

Aimee makes a continued effort to surround herself with people who just want to have a good time with the self-proclaimed Princess Goddess Mermaid.

Aimee is probably in the best standing with the cast, as she is involved in the lives of most of them. She recently wished Kirk Medas a happy birthday, she follows all but one member (Gus Smyrnios) on Instagram, and, most importantly, she goes out of her way to see her friends in person.

Maybe Aimee's good energy will eventually bring all of her cast mates back together again! If no one else can do it, we know our Princess Goddess Mermaid can.

Kirk Medas

Age: 32
Occupation: Actor + Entrepreneur
Instagram: @kirkmedas
TikTok: @kirkmedas_
Twitter (X): @KirkMedas

As one of the oldest of the cast, Kirk Medas was our chill and laid-back house member. All he ever wanted to do was head to local clubs and dance to some good music. He never really involved himself in drama, but on the few occasions that he did, he was always quick to defend his friends and put any rude outsider in their place.

Kirk is still as low-key as we always known him to be, so it kind of explains why he isn't very active on Instagram. Still, he is as vocal as we remember him to be, which is why it seems that Twitter is his go-to place to give us updates on his life.

Much needed weekend coming up. Colorado for the first time. Snowboarding for the first time. Need this mental health break

— Kirk Medas (@KirkMedas) January 30, 2024

Both on and off the show, we love to see that Kirk prioritizes his peace above all things. We wonder where his chill adventures will take him next. For now, we hope he enjoyed his nice break from the hot and humid Alabama weather!

Nilsa Prowant

Age: 30
Occupation: Business Owner + Social Media Influencer
Instagram: @nilsaprowant
TikTok: @nilsaprowant
Twitter (X): @nillythesquid

Nilsa Prowant was and still is a fan favorite despite her being one of the few cast members who underwent a great deal of life changes.

Before, Nilsa was a hopeless romantic who just wanted to find love with her co-star, Gus Smyrnios. And when she didn't find it there, she chose to channel all that loving into being a good friend to not just Aimee and the rest of the girls in the house but also to herself. This leads us to today, where Nilsa's patience to find the love of her life paid off, as she is now a mother and wife.

Check out Nilsa's beautiful family (excluding Mickey Mouse, of course) below.

When she's not watching over the little one, she's running her successful clothing businesses that she built from the ground up. She's always been a fashionista and a makeup lover, making it all the more understandable why she decided to put her reality TV life in the past and chase after a different kind of bag. Still, fans would love to see her return to their screens. Maybe one day she'll feel the same!

Candace Rice

Age: 31
Occupation: Cosmetic Formulator + Author
Instagram: @thisiscandacerenee
Twitter (X): @pimpfrydrice

Just like Nilsa, Candace Rice is now all settled down and a mother to a beautiful kid. But before she was an amazing mother, she was a twenty-something-year-old who knew how to be grounded but also could turn up whenever she needed to.

On Floribama Shore, Candace is often remembered for never shying away from standing up for herself, even when the entire house was seemingly against her. And, she never gave in to the pressure of dating Codi who used every chance he had to court her. All in all, she has been an unstoppable force that we loved to watch grow. Needless to say, she's still out there being the badass she's always been --- just with a pen a paper this time!

Only Candace can say she's the only one of the Floribama Shore cast who is a published author and for that, we can't help but love her all the more. She's got beauty, brains, and bravery, a triple threat who we hope to see again very soon!

Gus Smyrnios

Age: 28
Occupation: Model
Instagram: @gus.c.smyrnios
TikTok: @guscalebsmyrnios
Twitter (X): @GusSmyrnios

Undoubtedly, Gus Smyrnios is often labeled as the misunderstood black sheep of the group. He was one of the youngest, so he was often moody, irrational, and, sometimes, even violent toward his fellow houseguests. What's more, he had a rough upbringing, leading to him often feeling betrayed by his friends even if their intentions were in the right place.

However, when he wasn't this troubled young man in desperate need of some soft (and tough) loving, he was a very handsome dude who loved to party. Some would even say he was a player!

Since his time on Floribama Shore, Gus, thankfully, calmed down and put behind his turbulent years. Now, he is a married man who travels the world and does his best to live life on the wild side. Safe to say that bad body persona didn't go anywhere!

Since he's much more tame than before, fans can only hope that Gus was able to mend the burned bridges between himself and nearly all of his former cast mates. (Especially with his former best friend, Jeremiah!) But as of now, with Gus only following Kortni, Kirk, and Codi on his Instagram, we can assume he's just not there yet.

Now that you know what each Floribama Shore cast member is up to, you can kind of see why this show is off-air indefinitely. Everyone is living separate lives, thriving as they put their past behind them. Even so, fans will never stop fighting to see this show return. Maybe one day, they'll get their prayers answered!

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Floribama Shore is now streaming on Netflix.

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Floribama Shore cast ages and guide: Where are they now? (2024)
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