Jennifer Lopez 'disgusted' by footage of Diddy beating Cassie (2024)

Jennifer Lopezhas been left 'disturbed' and 'heartbroken' at the footage of her ex-boyfriend,Diddy, beating his then-girlfriend, Cassie, in a hotel corridor, marking the latest blow for the singer amid reports her marriage is heading for divorce.

The release of CNN footage showing the artist, real name Sean Combs, 54, throwing Cassie to the ground and furiously kicking her sparked widespread backlash on Friday.

But Lopez, also 54, who dated the rapper from 1999 to 2001, reportedly has no plans to publicly address the harrowing recording, or any of the accusations levelled against him in recent months.

'Among everything else that Jen is dealing with in her life, she is aware and has seen what Diddy did and is tremendously disappointed,' a source exclusively told

'Jen is not going to address the accusations or take time to talk about them because it is not her story to tell.

Jennifer Lopez, who dated Diddy (pictured) from 1999 to 2001, has no plans to address the accusations leveled against him, insiders claim

Diddy, 54, sparked outrage on Friday when footage was released showing him attacking his ex-girlfriend, Cassie, in Los Angeles' InterContinental Hotel in 2016

'If she is asked about it in a future interview, she will cross that path as and when it happens, but she won't address it publicly and will not put herself in that conversation on purpose.'

Footage of a shirtless Diddy, wrapped in a towel, and chasing Cassie, 37, down the hall at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City in 2016 went viral on Friday.

The artist can be seen grabbing her by the back of the head and slamming her on to the ground as she tried to get into an elevator, before kicking her as she lay motionless on the floor. He then dragged her back to their room by her hoodie.

On Sunday,he posted a video apology, claiming he had been in a bad place and had turned to God for forgiveness.

Lopez, who has allegedly been in crisis talks over her tour and is battling to save her marriage to Ben Affleck, was reportedly left disgusted at someone she once trusted turning into a 'very damaged human being.'

'Among everything else that Jen is dealing with in her life, she is aware and has seen what Diddy did and is disappointed,'the insider said.

'Not that people forget, but her relationship with him several years ago had its tumultuous ups and downs. What he has done and what he has been accused of is heartbreaking.

'It is disgusting for her to see that someone, who at one point in her life was someone she put so much trust in, has ended up turning into a very damaged human being. It is disturbing to see.'

Lopez, also 54, was reportedly left disgusted at someone she once trusted turning into a 'very damaged human being' (pictured with Diddy at the 2000 MTV VMAs)

A close confidant to Cassie, 37, claimed she was taken aback by the release of the viral clip, which was said to be 'triggering for her'

Lopez has remained silent in the face of allegations and lawsuits against her ex, whose houses were raided by Homeland Security in connection with a federal sex trafficking investigation in March, and has said little about their time together.

They met on the set of her music video for If You Had My Love in 1999, before splitting in 2001 amid rumors Diddy, then known as Puff Daddy, had been unfaithful – something Lopez later confirmed.

The pair were arrested soon after they started dating following a shooting at a Times Square nightclub in December 1999 that left three people injured.

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Lopez was released from custody without being charged after 14 hours in jail, while Diddy later walked free after a seven-week trial which saw his protégé Jamal 'Shyne' Barrow – long suspected to be the fall guy – convicted and sentenced to 10 years.

A recent lawsuit filed by Rodney 'Lil Rod' Jones alleges that it was Lopez who 'carried the gun into the club for [Diddy] and passed him the gun after he got into an altercation with another individual.'

'It was a complete nightmare from beginning to end,' Lopez recalled to Elle magazine in July 2000. 'I was scared to death in the car. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. No one did.'

Diddy has been accused of sexual assault, rape and sex trafficking, including a lawsuit filed by Cassie that was settled in November out of court.

He has denied the allegations against him, and his representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment when contacted by

Another source said the embattled rapper was 'stunned' by the video's release and had been huddled with his lawyers for crisis talks as he feared more could follow.

Lopez is not addressing Diddy publicly as she is focused on saving her marriage to Ben Affleck, according to insiders, who claim she has confided in Jennifer Garner for help

A close confidant to Cassie said she was also taken aback by the release of the viral clip, which was said to be 'triggering for her.'

'She is just happy that she escaped him and is planning to write a book which will help other victims of domestic abuse escape from their wicked tormentors,' they said.

Lopez is currently at the center of speculation about her marriage to Affleck, with insiders telling that his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, is desperately trying to help them.

The actresses are said to be fearful that the actor could relapse and break his sobriety under the strain.

Jennifer Lopez 'disgusted' by footage of Diddy beating Cassie (2024)
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